Better by Design

For more than two decades, Diversified Products Manufacturing (formerly Weaver) has been an industry-leader and trusted name for the manufacture of:
  • High-quality UDC Sumps
  • Fuel-resistant fittings
  • A full line of repair products

Our products are crafted to be Durable and Easy to Install.

New Construction

Do it right the first time with our full line of new construction fittings.


With UDC Poly, UDC Fiberglass, and DEF/Commercial sumps, we have the sump you need for your application. All built to our exacting standards.

Repair Products

Leaking fittings, sumps, or spill buckets? Often you can save the expense of replacement with one of our reliable, easy-to-install repair kits.

Industrial Products

We offer a line of fittings and accessories for industrial applications.

Support Products

The Bonders, Cleaners, Fill, etc. that supplement and complete our other product lines.

Contact Information

5523 Bagget Marysville Rd.
Oroville, CA 95965
Phone: (530) 534 3966
Fax: (530) 534 7404