Split Repair Products

   Split Test Reducers
   Split Eccentric Test Reducers
Split Dual Outlet Reducers
Split Three Step Reducers
   Inserts (Donuts)
   Inserts with Corrugated Duct Seals for 3" Corrugated Ducting
These inserts are used to stabilize the inside of a corrugated duct and are available in all sizes to fit flex and other pipes pulled inside corrugated ducting. Normally these inserts are included in a repair kit. See the SR section for repair kits. Occasionally these inserts are needed for stand alone applications. Available for 3" & 4' Corrugated ducting.
Inserts with Corrugated Duct Seals for 4" Corrugated Ducting
   5 Gallon Spill Container Liners
Liners are available for most 5 gallon spill containers and selected 15 gallon spill containers
15 Gallon Spill Container Liners
Tool Kit for Spill Containment Liners Repair Kits
   Shallow Dispenser Pan Repair Kits
Cuff Repair Kits
Corrugated Duct Closure Kits for 3.5" Corrugated Ducting with Test Port
Corrugated Duct Closure Kit 4.5-5.0" OD Corrugated Ducting
Corrugated Duct Repair Kit where the corrugated duct terminates on the sump exterior.
Remote Fill Assemblies
Vapor Recovery Closure Kits

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